As of December, 2021

[Head Office] 1-13-21, Nobuto, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
260-0032 Japan.
Telephone : 81-43-247-8020 (Pilot no.)
Facsimile : 81-43-248-2130
[Date Established] April 10, 1972
[Capital] 39,500,000 Japanese Yen (Issued capital)
[Board of Directors] 4 persons
Representative Director: Noritaka Matsumura
[Employees] 12 employees (including part-timers)
[Production Output] JPY 450,000,000 (Possible amount)
[Association we are a member of] The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers
Japan Marine Equipment Association
Chiba Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Chiba Higashi Houjinkai
[Qualification for general competitive government bidding] (Company Code: 0000050238)
Kind and grade of qualification:
Sales of goods (Ship related): C grade
Provision of service (Ship maintenance):
C grade
Import/Export Code: P001P2640000M
[Line of Business] (1) Design, manufacture, sales and repair of Anti-Rolling Tank System
(2) Import and export of marine equipment
[Approved Equipment] Anti-Rolling Tank System is equipment designated by law. It prevents cargo shifting and capsizing in stormy weather. Anti-Rolling Tank System ensures shipfs safety.
Stabilo-made D¥W-type Anti-Rolling Tanks System is approved from JG in November 1987.
Patent: Intellectual industrial property right of Anti-Rolling Tanks System is registered in Japan, Korea and China.
Totally, 19 patents are registered.

Business Summary

[Features Of Company] Stabilo Co., Ltd is the only maker specializing in Anti-Rolling Tank System in East Asia (Japan, Korea and China). We design, manufacture, sell, import and export marine equipment as a fabless engineering company. Our technical know-how, which is an intellectual industrial property right, is adopted to those equipment. Unlike any other in the world, our Anti-Rolling Tank System, called gStabilo Ace ™h, is famous for a unique system as predictive full automatic control. Stabilo Ace ™ is generally-acknowledged equipment in the business field both domestically and internationally.
[History] - October 1973GFirst installation on a 1,500GT car ferry
- October 1992GInstalled on a fishery supervisory vessel of the Fisheries Agency.
  Since then, we have supplied ART to public offices:
  Maritime Safety Agency (Patrol Ship),
  Meteorological Agency (Weather Ship),
  Ministry of Education (Training Ship),
  Prefectural and city governments (Training Ship)
- March 1998; Former@Defense Agency (Weather Ship)
- In 1996; Export to the Korean government
- In 2005; Export to the Chinese government
  Total number of export: 55
[Current trend] We started system engineering project in May 2007. This project is to unite ship owner, designer, shipyard and manufacturer.
Business with Chinese government became brisk. We have actively pursued to export not only in-house products but also marine equipments by other domestic companies. Contract-based achievement in 2008 is 282,000,000 yen.